Evolutionists Hope to Find Change in Spiders

Spiders cause frustration to evolutionists because there is no sign of evolution, yet they have great diversity. They're still spiders, just as they were created to be.

Another passel of hassle for Darwinists is the evolution of the spider. The spider kind is diverse (including a range of sizes), from the tiny peacock spider to the jumping spider (in the "meme", above) to the goliath "bird eating" spider with a dinner-plate-sized leg span, but they still have eight legs and remarkable eyesight. 

Although there are comparatively few spiders in the fossil record, paleontologists can tell that these critters as well as many others are unchanged over alleged millions of years. The reasonable conclusion is that they were created to be just what they are, not changing from or into something else.
A University of California Berkley graduate student has discovered two beautiful new species of peacock spiders in southeast Queensland, Australia. The student, Madeline Girard, named the two colorful creatures "Sparklemuffin" and "Skeletorus," both of the genus Maratus. They are noted for their ornate mating dances that many viewers find amusing. Are these splendid specimens highly evolved species or have spiders always been spiders?

All spiders are designed with four pairs of walking legs. During a sophisticated courtship dance, the peacock spider male will raise a single leg, displaying it to the female. It is no wonder these creatures have been called peacock spiders with the black, red and blue coloring of the males. They are also designed with white hairs that can be folded. Such colorful designs are used for display during mating.
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