Further Adventures in Evolutionary Atheist Morality

Angry evolutionists and atheists try to justify their rebellion against God, but are poor in logic. Ironically, they admit that God exists when they want to judge him by their own "moral standards".

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Evolution is a foundation for atheism as well as liberal Christianity. So it's not really a surprise when intolerant fundamentalist evolutionists want to slap leather with uncompromising biblical creationists. They want us silenced. We know they are busy with using the courts, such as the atheistic freedom from letting people think for themselves foundation wanting to sue because Eric Hovind had a recent debate in a public school.

My focus today is regarding another way they try to silence us. This is done through bullying, harassment, ridicule, misrepresentation, straw man arguments (attacking a position that the other person doesn't hold, including putting words in his or her mouth), outright lies, and more.

My posts and articles get circulated on Twitter under my monicker for The Question Evolution Project, and I was presented with this gem the other day:
Original screenshot here (unless he deletes it, they do that sometimes)

There are several things wrong with it (some briefly summarized on the image).
  • First, there is no such "meme" that "atheists have no moral foundation". So, that statement was the opposite of the truth. 
  • Second, I made no such claim in the first place. Now, atheists can be moral, most people acknowledge that. But the contention among Christian apologists is that they have no consistent moral standard.
  • Third, he's using a straw man argument to justify his rebellion against God, claiming that the Creator is immoral for judging the world. By what standard? His own opinion? Is God subject to this guy's judgement? Not hardly! 
  • Fourth, he hates God (Romans 1:18-22) and wants to justify himself by condemning God (as in Job 40:8 NKJV), but is ironically admitting two things: God exists, and the Flood happened. Many atheopaths do this, "allowing" God to exist when they want to indulge in hatred, but pretending he doesn't exist at other times. Those owlhoots must have dreadful cognitive dissonance. 
  • Fifth, he is showing his naturalistic presuppositions. Yes, atheists and evolutionists have many presuppositions — everybody has them comprising their own worldviews.

Another tinhorn inadvertently supported what I'm saying. He was pushing his religion of Scientism, illustrating the incoherence of atheism, and exhibiting his inconsistent epistemology:
"Fair Use" for educational purposes. In this case, his bad logic and bigotry.
He made several unsupported assertions that were based on prejudicial conjecture and blatant untruths. Note the abusive ad hominems as well. If he had bothered to do the slightest bit of research, he'd have learned about how Christians and creationists have been involved in science, past and present, and that creationists have made accurate predictions. No, this was just hatred and bigotry.
People like this often claim that they are doing "good" by attacking creationists and other Christians. Later, another one came along with, "Of course there isn't [a war between science and faith]. Science won a LONG TIME AGO." Heil Scientism! And atheists wonder why they are not trusted and basically disliked.

I reckon that militant atheists and evolutionists detest biblical creationists for several reasons, two of which are that we will not back down on our consistent standard, and that the Noachian Flood models from creation scientists explain geological features far more effectively than secular uniformitarian views.
Attacks from angry atheists and evolutionists help illustrate the bigger picture, that the origins issue is a matter of biblical authority and sinful man's rebellion. The answers to origins questions exist, but some people do not want them.

Sorry if this article is a bit disjointed. It's a mite difficult to concentrate when Basement Cat is snoring behind me.