When it Comes to Ethics, Evolutionists Stand on the Christian Worldview

The realm of values and ethics is inconsistent with an evolutionary worldview. Darwinists believe in survival of the fittest where the unfit are eliminated, so why should they care when a scientist actually displays the natural result of an evolutionary worldview?

For that matter, when a disingenuous anti-creationist troll calls a creationist a "liar for Jesus" or an article a "lie fest", he or she is appealing to a non-Darwinian worldview.

When atheists and evolutionists complain that something is wrong, and that there is a better way to live and act, they are actually showing that their own worldviews are incoherent, so they rustle the biblical Christian worldview and brand it as if it was their own. In addition, scientific methods are not just the stuff of using sterile, impersonal facts. Don't get me started on peer review fraud...

Evolutionists and atheists draw from the biblical Christian worldview in a tacit admission that their own worldviews are incoherent. Several examples in the science industry illustrate this.

There are competing philosophies in the scientific community about what defines a law, "tacit knowledge" is inconsistent with evolution, scientists enhancing the "truth" of their findings, admitting that religion played a part in civilization but not knowing how to deal with it now, and more:
It’s a material world, except when you need truth, justice, and the scientific way.

Secular scientists (including journal editors and reporters) like to position themselves as the wise men of modernity. They dish out simplified philosophy for the lay people. They say when it’s time to express moral outrage. They have a mechanical method in a material universe that puts religion in the dust of their rear-view mirror. But every once in awhile, when they feel the need for values, they implicitly cite the Ten Commandments for authority, but without attribution.
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