New Creature Discoveries Testify of Creation

New creatures are discovered each year. This is of interest to creationists as well as their secular counterparts.

Thousands of creatures are identified each year. Some of these are known species that have been reclassified, and the majority of new discoveries are insects, but there are also mammals being found. Some are actively sought, but many are discovered by accident by people who recognize that they're seeing something special. These findings show that the world is a big place, and there is a great deal yet to explore. But also, they reveal that God designed a great deal of diversity. This is of great interest to creationists.
High in the Andes, a furry member of the raccoon family has lived quietly for centuries without detection. It is the first carnivore discovered in the Americas in more than three decades. Will it be the last? Why do creationists care?

“They stopped me in my tracks,” recalls biologist Kristofer Helgen about his surprise when opening a drawer full of mysterious, reddish-brown furs. Though housed in the Field Museum for more than 50 years, this species had never before been described in the scientific literature. He then led a field trip to Ecuador and confirmed they still live—the first member of the order Carnivora discovered in the Americas in more than three decades.
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