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Monday, June 15, 2015

Dinosaur Egg Colors Defy Long-Age Beliefs

Although most fossilized dinosaur eggs seem to resemble stones in concrete, sometimes they are found with colors. But how can colors stay intact for the millions of years that deep-time advocates insist upon? A recent discovery is perplexing to secular scientists.

Sometimes dinosaur eggs are found with colors. But how can colors stay intact for "millions of years"? A recent discovery is perplexing to secular scientists.
Dinosaur eggs photo from US National Park Service
Finding dinosaur soft tissues and red blood cells indicate that dinosaurs are nowhere near as old as secular geologists and paleontologists maintain, since the tissues and blood cells would deteriorate completely over long periods of time. Molecules for pigmentation are rather complex as well, and would also break down. No, the accumulated evidence shows that that the unfortunate critters were rapidly buried as a result of the Genesis Flood, just a few thousand years ago.
German scientists revealed that some Chinese dinosaur eggs probably looked similar to the dark blue-green hue of modern emu eggs. If the dinosaur’s original pigment molecules revealed the egg’s color, then a significant question emerges. Can pigments really stay colorful for 66 million years?

The eggs came from three different upper Cretaceous sites, and their dark color contrasted with the sediment that encased them. Curious about the color, the German team from the University of Bonn conducted chemical separation techniques to isolate original dinosaur egg pigments—the first discovery of its kind. Though the eggs have likely lost some of their pattern detail, the presence of specific pigments named protoporphyrin and biliverdin within the ancient shells confirmed they were probably a dark blue-green color.
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