Viewing Dinosaurs and Logical Fallacies from the Bunker

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Lots of reading, listening, and viewing for you today.

Derek Gilbert allowed me back on "A View from the Bunker", and it was a combination of two main points. First, we discussed dinosaur soft tissues and other evidence that dinosaur fossils are not millions of years old. Next, we went into an area of special study of mine, logical fallacies. We had some fun, too. The logical fallacies are important so that Christians and creationists are not lassoed by atheists and anti-creationists, and learning about them carries over into other areas of life. I gave several examples from my own experience. Also, I mentioned my article on "Evolution and the New Atheo-Fascism", which deals with some of the material.

Derek Gilbert and Cowboy Bob Sorensen discuss dinosaur soft tissues, logical fallacies, and more on "A View from the Bunker".

Many shows have a fair amount of "show prep" before recording. Not here, it just a little. I prepped myself beforehand, but didn't use my notes all that much. It was more of a free-flowing conversation. Different shows and interviewers have different styles, after all.

One fallacy example that was not used there that I'll use here. I've long said that some people want us silenced. One way is to try to negate what we have to say, and the most frequent attack is through ad hominem and outright ridicule. "You don't want to listen to that person or group because...", and proceed with mockery. In my article, "Feral Fundamentalist Anti-Creationist Antics", I referred to someone who claims to be an academic — this tinhorn sayss that he is hiding his real identity for fear of retaliation from creationists! (He gives no reason to take his statements seriously.) This "academic" mentioned my claim that they want us silenced, and added that no, he doesn't want us silenced. Instead, he wants me to keep babbling "nonsense" so the public can see how silly creation science is. Of course, he didn't deal with the substance of the article, and inadvertently proved me right. Remember, he's an "academic". Not hardly. No, I'm not linking to him and giving him the publicity he wants.

So anyway, if you have a mind to, click on "VFTB 253: Cowboy Bob Sorensen – Dinosaur Blood" to listen online or download for free. There are also several links below regarding new developments in dinosaur soft tissues and evidence for their comparative youth. Also see the video a mite below those links by Mark Armitage, the scientist who lost his job for his work on soft tissues. You can also see an interview with him on "Genesis Week", here.