Fundamentally Flawed Evolution is a "God of the Gaps"

Evidence and logic often indicate that the evidence shows the involvement of God. Atheists and other anti-creationists claim that creationists are invoking a "God of the gaps" excuse.

One way evolutionists misrepresent biblical creationists is to accuse them of invoking a "God of the gaps" approach to science. Actually, evolution is a god of the gaps!

However, when evolutionists get puzzled, they make evolution into their own magical god of the gaps. Basically, "There's missing information, but we know that EvolutionDidIt®, and we know that someday, we'll learn how it happened. This means we can believe in our evolutionary god of the gaps because that's 'science'." Meadow muffins! That's blind faith, Fergus.
When a false god is called upon to solve gaps in knowledge, this is sometimes referred to as “god of the gaps.” For example, if someone did not know that ice is formed when water freezes and proposed that there was an “ice god” that occasionally causes ice to spontaneously appear, then they would be guilty of using a god-of-the-gaps explanation.

Biblical Creation Is Not a God of the Gaps

Atheists have often accused Christians of invoking God to fill in a gap in scientific knowledge. Even the great scientist Isaac Newton has been accused by atheists of using a god-of-the-gaps explanation when he said that the universe reveals evidence of design.1 But creationists like Newton do not believe in a god of gaps, but a God of absolute necessity. Newton recognized that the universe could not exist without the supernatural creative power of an almighty Creator.

Newton and most of the other founding fathers of science could see that the universe can only be fully explained with a combination of natural and supernatural explanations. Creationists only invoke God in origins when a supernatural action is necessary according to the laws of science. For example, according to the conservation of matter and energy (the first law of thermodynamics), it is impossible for a universe to come into existence without the supernatural intervention of an all-powerful being.

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