Science Business Without God

People expect secular science researchers to act in an ethical manner. But what is their standard for ethics? Darwin? Survival of the fittest? After all, according to their worldview, we're all just bundles of chemicals following our impulses. When there are instances of fraud, plagiarism, false research, cover ups, disingenuous peer review — so what? They're acting in accordance with their materialistic worldviews.

When scientific researchers indulge in misconduct, they are consistent with their materialistic worldview. When appeals for ethics in the scientific community are made, a higher standard is inadvertently invoked — God.

When someone says, "That's wrong! You're lying!", or something, they're appealing to a higher authority. The ultimate authority is God, and he told us what we need to know in the Bible. That is the final standard for ethics. Scientists cannot claim the final authority on moral high ground. Some people are saying that there should be standards, reviews, and so on in the scientific community, and the alarm is being sounded with a resurgence of eugenics — and this is being researched for genome tampering.

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