Feral Fundamentalist Anti-Creationist Antics

Anti-creationists will go to great lengths to negate biblical creationists and silence us. But we can see their shenanigans for what they are, and they are in denial because their evolutionary worldview is crumbling.

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Many evolutionists insist on believing in goo-to-geneticist evolution despite abundant evidence to the contrary. Whenever flaws in their speculations are presented (and especially when information is given that supports special creation), they circle the wagons to fend of raiding bands of us evil creationists.

There are Darwinists who want to go on about their evolution business, ignorant of what biblical creationists actually believe and teach; they do not go to the sources for their information. Instead, creationists are maligned with blatant misrepresentation, claims that we are "science deniers", calling us "liars" because they disagree with our interpretations of evidence, and other nonsense. Let's be blunt — they want us silenced. These people are intolerant in the real sense of the word.

It's common to find someone with a new, fake Facebook profile. The paint's not even dry yet, but they annoy the public by going on Pages and leaving inane, abusive comments. When they're banned, they lie to their friends with things like, "They won't tolerate me giving facts to them", and omitting how they were acting like jerks.

Obviously, rabid evolutionists, atheists, and the like have no respect for biblical creationists, especially when we dare to express our views. Instead of dealing with the topic at hand, they demonize people (which includes defamation, spamming, stalking, and more). Many of these feral evolutionists have little education, but pretend that they're smarter than the creation scientists. They "refute" creationist material by throwing around links to articles they don't understand (often times using outdated extracts) and once again fascistically branding people they disagree with as "liars".

Did these anti-creationists thoroughly read the creationists' material and check out the references? Very rarely. But then, they're in fear and denial because their evolutionary worldview is crumbling. It's a religious experience for them, so they desperately cling to evolutionism rather than humble themselves before the Creator, who makes the rules. With this passion and rage in the air, those thinking, honest evolutionists who have inquiring minds must dig deeper for information about creation science — they certainly won't get accurate information from those who misrepresent us!

One guy claims to be an academic former creationist and writes under several pseudonyms, but refuses to give his real name because of alleged threats from creationists. Yeah, sure. Yet, he still supposedly gives lectures in colleges. This kind of tale is common among atheists who pretend to be former Christians and also pretend to be former creationists. F'rinstance:

Have you ever seen an anti-creationist say, "That was a well-written article and made some interesting points that I'll need to consider. Also, I like the style". Me, neither.

Ironically, some act like it's their duty to rid the world of biblical creationists (we're "evil", remember), but they have no consistent standard of morality! Let's go back to the accusation of "liar". Why not? Evolutionists do it, and it's consistent with their "survival of the fittest worldview". If evolution were true (and if we really were dishonest), we're just bundles of chemicals doing what we need to survive; they have no right to complain. But by doing so, they're inadvertently appealing to the ultimate source of moral authority — God. This means they know that their own worldview is irrational, so they have to sake a claim on ours, which is based on the Bible.

Meanwhile, the angry anti-creationists go on their secularist jihad to spread their propaganda. Why? Because they want to believe in evolution despite evidence — and despite rational thought. There are times when anti-creationists are so passionately devoted to their religion of evolutionism that they are not able to use logic. 

Atheists and evolutionists detest when Christians expose the flaws in their worldviews, and they especially hate the biblical creationists who refuse to compromise on the authority of the Word of God. They get meaner'n a burlap sack full of rattlesnakes when they see that they're clinging to evolutionism through blind faith, not evidence, and that said evidence actually affirms the Bible.

Some want to slap leather with us and — you know the expression, "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight"? Some won't even go that far, not even bringing a pointed stick. They attack with fresh fruit. That is, using logical fallacies (their favorites seem to be ad hominem and equivocation.) Two things that infuriate these people is to tell the truth about them, and use sound logic. We all know they've been defeated in the logic department, but they'll deny defeat anyway.

Many are deceived (often willingly), chanting the Dobzhansky mantra, "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution", which has been shown to be false. Evolution has hindered science (for example, the claim that there is "junk" DNA, which turned into a huge embarrassment for them). And then there's the simple fact that someone's view of origins don't make no nevermind when calculating rocket trajectories or doing other practical science — which shows the foolishness in Bill Nye the Propaganda Guy's anti-creationist rants.

Evolutionary scientists are not the pillars of virtue that some people make them out to be. They have been known to fudge data if needed, bluster about "peer review" (an agenda-driven "good ol' boys' club"), and disingenuously call something "evolution" (even when evolution has nothing to do with the subject at hand). As a "settled science", evolution's predictive ability is as valuable as dust on the prairie, and its advocates spin a lot of yarns that get presented as science. When there is no evidence for their tall tales, they resort to "evolution of the gaps". Sorry to break it to some people, but scientists are fallible, just like everyone else. Just because we're told "Scientists say..." doesn't mean something is correct.

We have biblical creationists affirming the truth of creation, presenting evidence refuting evolution, giving evidence for a young earth, and defending the gospel. Then we have Darwinists, many of whom are conditioned to believe only the evolutionary party line, and are unaware that there is contrary evidence. Then there are the rabid evolutionists who are motivated by hatred, whose antics are described above. Creationists will continue to present the truth in hopes that it will not only strengthen the faith of Christians, but prick the consciences of the unbelievers. We do have the scientific evidence on our side, and we have the written Word of the Creator, who explains how to know him.

Note: This article began as an introduction to yesterday's "God of the Gaps" post, but got too long. So I developed it and let it stand on its own.