Evolutionists Should Remain Low-Key About "Loki" Organisms

Advocates of Lokiarchaeota-to-locksmith evolution assume that such evolution is true and backed by observable science. However, they keep searching for missing links to support their conjectures, whether it clinging to the defunct "Lucy" knuckle-walker story, or this instance of Lokiarchaeota as an missing link way back yonder in the single-celled years.

Evoutionary biologists are making grand claims with minimal research about a single-celled organism nicknamed "Loki" as a missing link to our alleged evolutionary past. The "science" is bad, but the storytelling is big.

Lokiarchaeota (nicknamed "Loki") has them all a-twitter. The "science" is dismal, to say the least. Genomic information is seriously lacking, but that doesn't stop some evolutionary biologists from speculating, making assertions, telling comic-book-style stories, and just plain getting excited about finding another alleged missing link. Darwinists assemble! Pay homage to the god Evolution! Puny god. The evidence supports the real God, our Creator.
Single-celled organisms called Lokiarchaeota are making headlines as missing links in our supposed single-celled ancestry. A small fraction of their genes resemble those normally associated with more complex cells. Some claim this discovery clinches the case for archaeans, rather than bacteria, as our closest single-celled ancestor.

“Loki” is short for the genus Lokiarchaeum and its phylum Lokiarchaeota. The organisms were identified in frigid sediment sampled near the mid-Atlantic Ridge, 1½ miles deep in the Arctic Ocean between Greenland and Norway, about 9½ miles from the hydrothermal vent known as Loki’s Castle. Like Loki—a mercurial character from Norse mythology—Lokiarchaeota are difficult to pin down, having never been cultured. The Lokiarchaeum composite genome was pieced together from genetic components of the sparse cells found in the sediment. And like the mythological Loki, they held some surprises.
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