Mental Machinery

The brain has a lot on its mind. It has to sort out incoming information so that we can function properly. No way is this the product of evolution, it was designed by our Creator.

When you stop and ponder it, you'll realize that your brain has a lot on its mind. It's always working, even when you're asleep. You're still breathing, pumping blood, liver and kidneys doing their things, all of those autonomic things. But what about how you process incoming information?

Your eyes are always moving, but we seldom are aware of it. Add an object in motion (like the car that just now went by my window), the eye sends signals to the brain and the object doesn't become a blur. How? You get audible input, so how does the brain balance deal with multiple sounds? For that matter, we have a time dilation/contraction going on, anticipating or even predicting the future, and it is demonstrated when watching musicians at work. How can the brain process non-Euclidian geometries?

The brain is using proteins, electrochemical impulses, all sorts of things, and it's plumb loco to believe that evolved and is anything other than something designed by the Creator. You can read more by clicking on "Mental Marvels".