Dinosaur Extinction Stories Trade Fiction for Fiction

Every once in a while, some tinhorn makes the declaration that scientists know dinosaurs were killed of by a big rock from space crashing to Earth, setting up a sequence of events that laid them low. There are several problems with that story. One is that secular scientists are not in agreement about that scenario, nor are they in agreement that dinosaurs evolved into birds. So don't let someone try to fool you with those claims, since they're leaving out some mighty important information.

Secular scientists are not unified about dinosaur extinction stories. One simply exchanges one fable for his own fact-free speculations.
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Since the data don't fit, scientists have to keep revising their dinosaur die-out tales. Not all dinosaurs died 65 million evolutionist years ago, some survived along with birds and mammals, or birds lost their teeth and grew beaks when the evolved, some stories go. In other words, storytelling disguised as science. Some secular scientists admit that the stories are ridiculous, but their counter-proposals aren't a heap of a lot better. The biblical creationists' models make far more sense, and don't need constant confabulation to fit the evolution-refuting data.
What they tell you on TV and in biology class about birds outlasting the dinosaurs has paltry little evidence.

Stephen Brusatte [U of Edinburgh] knows a few things about dinosaur fossils. He also knows what he doesn’t know — what no paleontologist knows. The usual story of dinosaur extinction, summarized in his piece in Current Biology, “How Some Birds Survived When All Other Dinosaurs Died,” goes like this:
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