Evolution and Agriculture

An earlier post discussed how evolutionists have limited understanding of human nature. We supposedly evolved, then sat around for a huge amount of time before showing any signs of the ambition we exhibit today. Similarly, those jaspers collecting our tax dollars are dodging the questions about how and why farming developed.

Evolutionary concepts are inconsistent. In this case, they cannot explain how and why farming suddenly popped onto the scene when supposedly humans had been around for a long time.
Image credit: Morguefile / Jusben (modified)
According to the hands down at the Darwin Ranch, not only were we ignoring technology and cities, but we hadn't bothered to do agriculture, either. It just suddenly appeared in history, even though farming types moved around, interbred, and so forth. If you study on it, even their concept of late-blooming agricultural skills is inconsistent with an evolutionary worldview. The biblical creationist worldview makes much more sense, in that we did not evolve but were created recently, and were intelligent from the get-go. That old Earth stuff really interferes with historical science, old son.
If intelligent humans were around for hundreds of thousands of years, why didn’t any of them think about farming sooner?

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences just printed a special section about human evolution. Let’s see if any of the papers can answer the question of why farming was delayed so long in the evolutionary history of man.
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