Interview with Microbiologist Dr. Kevin Anderson on Dinosaur Soft Tissues

It is an exciting time to be a biblical creationist. Evidence keeps on accumulating to confirm what we've said all along, and it is not supportive of evolution. The refutation of the"junk" DNA evolutionary idea is bothersome for them. But one item that really gets evolutionists on the prod is the fact of soft tissues in fossils. (Note that I'm deliberately using the word fossil in its more general sense; it doesn't necessarily mean that something has been permineralized. Ian Juby discussed that word in a segment on fossilized dinosaur skin at the 20 minute 13 second mark in this video clip.) The reason for consternation on the soft tissues is that they are strong evidence that Earth was created recently, not billions of years ago, and that dinosaurs have not been extinct for millions of years.

Image credit: Pixabay / agfcontact
Some anti-creationists will pretend that dinosaur soft tissues are irrelevant, others try to ignore them completely, and you'll also get tinhorns like Brian Switek, Paul Braterman, (ir)Rational Wiki, and others giving false information about the soft tissues. No amount of denial, feral atheopath falsehoods, or excuses will make this problem for evolutionists go away, especially since the soft tissues are common.

Bob Enyart interviewed Dr. Kevin Anderson for Real Science Radio about dinosaur soft tissues and the Creation Research Society's iDino project. This fascinating discussion covered some important information (there is also mention of a then-upcoming lecture by Dr. Anderson).

Since Dr. Anderson is a molecular biologist, Bob Enyart asked him about cancer treatment from targeted antibodies that have been showing extraordinary results. This approach to dealing with cancer could have been worked on back in the 1960s, but they assumed that if you get cancer, the body is poorly designed and your chances of survival were minimal. (Yet again, evolutionary thinking hinders medical science! Proudly sponsored by the owlhoots who brought us “junk” DNA and vestigial structures, ideas that have been refuted and also hindered science.) Dr. Anderson also gave some groundwork about some of the workings of the immune system and antibodies.

The podcast is free to hear online or to download. To hear it or download it free, and access some interesting links, click on "Kevin Anderson, Dino Soft Tissue Hunter & Molecular Biologist on RSR". ADDENDUM: On July 1, 2016, Dr. Anderson had a return visit to Real Science Radio for some additional discussion. To listen or download, click on "RSR Welcomes Back Molecular Biologist Kevin Anderson".