Evidence for the Genesis Flood in Australia

G'day. While we have a passel of rock formations in these here United States where I live, there are many around the world that give strong evidence of the Genesis Flood. (We do seem to have the best dinosaur boneyards, though.) There's an area in the Northern Territory called Red Centre, which has an abundance of, well, redness. The frontier town of Alice Springs can set you up if you want to do some sightseeing and as a starting point for exploring Flood geology. I'd like to go myself, you betcha.

A place called Red Center in Australia's Northern Territory has many geological features supporting biblical creationist Genesis Flood models, and defy secular geological views.
"Kings Canyon" image credit: Pixabay / walesjacqueline
But this isn't advertising for 'Straya tourism. Like I said at the onset, there are many geological formation that support the Genesis Flood. Sure, uniformitarian geologists continue their old Earth assertions (evolution requires an old Earth), but much of what they say defies science and basic reasoning skills, and basically falls apart. Here is an article written from a biblical creationist point of view that gives rational explanations of what is found.
Australia’s Red Centre is popular with tourists the world over, eager to visit and experience the fascinating desert environment. The population of the centre is small, with isolated communities dotted over the countryside. The only town of any size is Alice Springs.

Oxidized iron gives the area its distinctive reddish hue. Because vegetation is sparse, the rocks are easily visible to tourists, such as the strata in the MacDonnell Ranges, which run for hundreds of kilometres across the Red Centre. These geological features of central Australia reveal compelling evidence of the global Flood catastrophe of Noah’s day.
To read the rest (and see the short videos), click on "Australia’s remarkable Red Centre", mate.