Developing Engineered Adaptability

Organisms adapt to changing conditions, which is something on which both creationists and Darwinists agree. How they adapt is where the controversy lies. Evolutionists rely on naturalistic explanations while biblical creationists maintain that evolutionary speculations and storytelling are inadequate, but engineering principles of creation are the best approach.

Mapping out Engineered Adaptability in refuting evolution and affirming design in creation
Credit: Pixabay / StockSnap
Creationists have long promoted the Creator's design, pointing out the failures of evolutionary explanations for what is observed, emphasizing how creation is the only logical explanation for adaptation, and so on. Some creationists are pursuing Engineered Adaptability, developing a framework for a design-based theory that uses enginering causation and principles. A "map" of sorts for a series on Engineered Adaptability that is more focused has been proposed.
A map is crucial for all travelers, from fun-seeking vacationers to serious scientific researchers. This month’s article is a map of the Engineered Adaptability series and highlights the places future articles will stop en route to its destination—a design-based framework that explains adaptability. To keep everyone traveling together, the articles will decipher information from peer-reviewed forums and supply an orientation so readers know where they’re headed.
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