How Does a Creationist Student Write a Paper on Evolution?

Christian students in government-run education systems are in hostile territory, especially at the university level. Their faith is being challenged by secularist material (sometimes attacked outright by misotheistic teachers and instructors), and the students want to get good grades so they can graduate or even move on to advanced degrees. Students in these settings are under the control of the secularists in charge (while still having to be respectful), and have to play their cards right.

Creationist students can write a paper on evolution without compromising principles
Credit: Pixabay / andrew_t8
What is a student who believes in special creation and rejects evolution on both scientific and theological grounds supposed to do when required to write a paper on evolution? Good students want good grades, but the Christian doesn't want to compromise on principles. Worse, just "doing the assignment" on evolution and giving the materialists what they want would essentially be lying.

Sounds bleak, doesn't it? But the situation can be advantageous. Professing atheists and anti-creationists claim to know about Christians and creationists, but few have actually taken the time to become familiar with our views. On the other hand, creationists often know more about evolution than the typical keyboard warrior because they have to understand evolution and creation science. 

In a similar way, when people are going to have a formal debate, each side needs to be familiar with the other side's views. Then, an accurate presentation can be made for one's own views and an informed critique of the other's presentation can be made. Anti-creationists seldom give us this basic courtesy, preferring to use straw man attacks, ridicule, and other foolish arguments. We have to be better than that — especially scientists and those in academic areas. When being required to write on evolution, the creationist student needs to know creationist material, but also have a good working knowledge of evolutionary material. It is also extremely important to know the materialistic presuppositions that permeate the environment. I'd better holler "Whoa!" now and let Dr. Walker do his part.
So you’re studying at a secular institution and have received an assignment asking you to explain some evolutionary concepts. What should you do? Should you refuse to do it? Should you argue the case for creation and try to prove that evolution does not work? What happens if you can’t find any creationist information on the topic?

Don’t panic. All you need is to understand the thinking of secular science, how to research the topic, and how to write the assignment. Once you know these things you can write an assignment without compromising your creationist views. And your assignment will be one which can advance the creationist cause, as well as being a quality piece of writing that will receive a good grade.
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