More Dinosaur Family Tree Follies

An axiom familiar to computer programmers is GIGO (garbage in, garbage out), which essentially means that if the programming is not done correctly, nonsense ensues. Advocates of universal common ancestor evolution have the same problem on a larger scale, and it strongly impacts their cladograms.

The dinosaur family tree is being rewritten again using bad logic and computers
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Cladograms are made by finding similar traits in organisms and then producing a tree. The classifications of dinosaurs has been rewritten according to faulty data (assuming a common ancestor, despite no evidence for such a thing) and circular reasoning. A new cladogram is causing consternation for the hands at the Darwin Ranch, since the classifications of lizard-hipped and bird-hipped dinosaurs is up for a makeover. Biblical creationists don't have such problems. These owlhoots keep kicking against the goads, denying that dinosaurs and man were created on the same day of creation week. There was no single tree, it's more like an orchard.
Some things everyone knows. Everyone knows Tyrannosaurus rex was a carnivore. Everyone knows Triceratops was a plant eater. And, until recently, everyone knew dinosaurs fall into two broad groups (“lizard-hipped” and “bird-hipped”). Or do they? If several paleontologists in the UK are correct, this “obvious” truth, accepted for over 100 years, may now be in limbo.

Teaching the first-ever creationist dinosaur class at my college, even I assumed this was true. I didn’t imagine questioning it. But what once was firmly established may now be turned upside down.
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