Misleading Exoplanet Sales Pitches

Evolution is a fact and consistently verified, with no scientific evidence against it, from the Big Bang all the way up to you and me. If you believe that, astronomers have some prime real estate to sell you. The commute to each is a mite long, though. But they're like Earth!

Exoplanets in the habitability zone, secular scientists leave out important details
Artist's conception of Kepler-10 and planets — Image credit: NASA / Ames / JPL-Caltech
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When it comes to exoplanets, there's a minimum criteria for the possibility of life evolving on them. (Creation is anathema to them.) It's often called the habitability (or Goldilocks) zone. There are several factors, including the right kind of star, distance of the planet from it, size, solar neighborhood, and so on. Many of the important parts are left out, and we're sold a bill of goods along the lines of, "Just like Earth" — if Earth was made of lava. Seems like they're getting mighty intent on convincing the public that there's a passel of planets that pass the habitability zone test, but secularists are leaving out important information. It's not just planets, either. Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, is also being passed off as a suitable place for humans to migrate. That'll be the day! They'll just have to cowboy up and admit that Earth was created to be special.

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