Evolutionists See Life Through Large-Scale Death

Universal common ancestor evolution is counterintuitive, requiring a similar level of suspension of disbelief that people use when watching movies about killer robots from outer space. That is, evolutionists need people to forget basic science and reason to accept their pronouncements. Since Darwin's stories are losing credibility, his disciples in the scientific community are using "jump the shark" gimmicks to keep their mythology afloat.

Desperate evolutionists say destruction cause by volcanoes made dinosaurs possible
Credit: US Geological Survey
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According some some of these owlhoots, large scale death and destruction from volcanoes made the "age of dinosaurs" possible. Those that didn't get wiped out had to get out of Dodge, and then dinosaurs evolved to fill the niche. (Except that there is no evidence of dinosaur evolution, but that doesn't stop a good story. More suspension of disbelief, you see.) Someone else said that the destructive ultraviolet rays of the sun helped spark abiogenesis, the origin of life. 

Seems to me that secularists are becoming increasingly desperate in light of evolution-refuting and creation-affirming discoveries, so they spin these yarns. They should get refunds on the money they spent on their failed educations and get employment feeding horses or something. Seriously, when scientists insult my intelligence, it puts a burr under my saddle. How about you?
In the Darwinian mindset, natural disasters are the seedbeds of creativity and progress.

Most people don’t find bombs and explosions particularly useful for building functional structures. Sometimes an old structure needs to be removed by intelligently-placed explosives so that a new building can be erected on a site. Architects, though, don’t generally employ terrorists as construction workers, nor do artists create art with tornadoes. Musicians are not generally inspired by rumbling landslides for their themes.

Common sense, though, gets tossed aside in evolutionary circles. Consider Science Daily‘s headline, “Volcanic eruptions triggered dawn of the dinosaurs.” By saying that widespread destruction “set the scene” for the rise of the dinosaurs, the reporter implies that natural disasters unleash the creative power of evolution:
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