The Sixth Great Extinction?

According to standard secular geology, Earth has dealt with five "great" extinction events. Recently, new inquiries prompted speculations that there was a sixth major event. None of these fit standard uniformitarian assumptions (present processes are what happened way back when as well as not; "the present is the key to the past"), however.

Sixth extinction event geological history supports Genesis Flood
Credit: Pixabay /Free-Photos
The megasequences studied must be the result of catastrophic instead of gradual processes. The best explanation for what is observed in found in creationary models of the Genesis Flood. (I know, some tinhorns will say that the Genesis Flood is fiction and could never happen, but such illogical faith statements disqualify them from serious discussion. A response that can be summed up as "Because evolution" is not a rebuttal, Skippy.) Further, the new proposals not only support biblical creation science, but may cause some reworking of our models as well.
Geology students memorize the rock system names found on geologic column diagrams, learn age assignments, typical fossils, and the five worldwide animal extinction events. Now, secular researchers reveal a sixth extinction near the top of Earth’s rock layers, and it coincides with three other large-scale features all poised to reshape the way biblical geologists think about the Genesis Flood.
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