Evolutionists and their Imaginary Friends from Space

Townsfolk don't cotton to the hands at the Darwin Ranch because, well, they're kind of unhinged. A saloon keeper remarked, "We all got us some crazy parts in us, but they got theirselfs more'n natural". Aside from believing in impossible things, the owhoots that live in the astrobiology bunkhouse are seeing more imaginary space aliens than usual of late.

Evolutionists seeking aliens are becoming more unhinged in their efforts to deny the Creator
Credit: Pixabay / Pawel86
You see, they want to find life in or from outer space because evolution. That is, materialists know that there is no chance of life forming on Earth, so it had to happen way out there and arrive here, maybe, somehow, scientists think, perhaps. In a series of tremendous leaps of logic, alien life would validate evolution and make our Creator irrelevant. Yeah, they're known for being illogical.

There have been several false alarms of alien signals coming from outer space, and I reckon that if people were less hysterical when doing their space alien detecting, the excitement wouldn't have happened so easily. Then we get someone saying that vinyl cyanide found on Jupiter's moon Titan could be used to make cell membranes, and the joyous science press sent out that idiotic, unscientific information. Gotta be having us some space aliens somehow! One scientist thinks that looking for extraterrestrials is good for science itself, and can unify disparate sciences.

You can read about the above, and a whole passel of good stuff, by clicking on "Etiology of Alien Derangement Syndrome". This space alien nuttiness has, I believe, a simple root: desperation to deny the Creator who made us. He makes the rules, and we must learn what he has to say. Each person's eternity depends on it.