The Fish God of Evolution

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

If you ever find yourself riding near Deception Pass, try to visit the Darwin Ranch for the worship service. Not much of a spectacle, but it's an educational experience. They bring out their idol of Dagon, have devotional readings from Clinton Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Charles Darwin, and others. They don't do hymns, though [1].

Philistine fish god Dagon links to evolution
Bas relief of Dagon as a half-man, half-fish god
Satire aside, we have seen that Darwin did not create evolution all by his lonesome [2] and evolution is, in reality, an ancient pagan religion [3]. I agree with the remark that essentially says Darwin took an old belief system and gussied it up in a lab coat. Indeed, evolutionism is pantheistic, and even includes elements of animism [4]. When Paul was debating the Greek philosophers in Acts 17:16-32, they were pagan evolutionists. Pagan evolutionism did not originate with the Greeks, however. Their worldview can be seen in ancient Hindu beliefs [3].

Hang on, don't get thrown out of the saddle now, let's see how this develops.

Darwinists have an inordinate affection for things related to the sea. One of their religious icons is the walking fish concept where fish decided to evolve, so they flopped onto land, grew lungs, legs, and whatnot, and eventually became other land animals. (See a link and an excellent image on Fazebook, which takes a moment to load [5]). Some evolved critters got fed up, turned back to the sea, and devolved into whales and things. It seems that every time a fish spends a few moments on land or has bumps, it's evidence of evolution. That'll be the day! Yes, people call that unfounded speculation "science", and carp at biblical creationists for being "science deniers". That ain't science at all, old son, and we don't deny real science, just your evolutionary interpretations. Savvy?

Now, let's join up the pagan religion aspect with the fish icon.

An ancient false god known as Dagon was worshiped by the Assyrians, Babylonians, and other people. It has an obscure (and disputed) history [6] [7]. As the figure evolved over time, it became the half-man, half-fish god of the Philistines [8] [9] (and was even the subject of a short story by H.P. Lovecraft [10]). Most of us first learn about Dagon in Judges 16:23. It's appropriate for me to refer to John Gill's commentary on the fish god:
. . .in later times their god was called Marnas, which signifies the lord of men, but now Dagon; who also had a temple at Ashdod, another of the five principalities of the Philistines, (1 Samuel 5:2) and seems to have been at this time their common and chief deity: according to Jarchi in the place referred to, it was in the form of a fish, for "dag" in Hebrew signifies a fish; and Kimchi on the same place says, that from its navel upwards it was in the form of a man, and from thence downwards in the form of a fish; and Diodorus Siculus relates that Derceto, a goddess of Ashkelon, another of the five principalities of Palestine, its face was human, and the other part of its body resembled a fish; and the same Lucian says of the Syrian goddess; and Cicero testifies, that the Syrians worshipped a fish, and Porphyry says they will not eat any; and Gaza being a maritime city, a sea port, this might be their sea god in this form: but Ben Gersom in the above place says, it was in the form of a man; and Sanchoniatho making mention of Dagan, a brother of Saturn, Philo Byblius, who translated his history into Greek, interprets it by Siton, which signifies corn, deriving it from Dagan, which so signifies; as if this deity presided over corn, as Ceres in other nations, and Jupiter Frumentarius, or Aratrius; yea, he says he invented corn and the plough; however this be, the Philistine princes met together to sacrifice to him, not a common offering, but a great sacrifice. It is very probable that this was a public festival of the Philistines, as Josephus says, an anniversary one; and perhaps was held in a more grand manner on the present occasion. . . [11]
A somewhat humorous situation occurred in 1 Samuel 5:1-12 and 1 Samuel 6:1-21 when the Philistines captured the Ark of the Covenant and brought to Dagon's temple. God didn't cotton to that. Dagan fell down, and they set it up again. The next day, Dagon was on the ground again, and parts of it were broken off, leaving only the "flat of him" (modern translations say "trunk" or "torso"). Reference [8] has a section where a medieval rabbi was speculating that 1 Samuel 5:4 means, "Only the form of a fish was left".

Evolutionists tacitly have a pagan religion and worship the fish as a god. This is in keeping with their denial of the true God of the Bible, our Creator and Redeemer. No, there is no legitimate way to reconcile evolution with the Bible [12]. Instead of trying to deny the truth and authority of God's Word, people need to humble themselves and repent. Then they can deal with the truth and be set free of their sin.