Human Eye Optimized for Color

One of the stories that Darwin's Flying Monkeys© like to spread is that the human eye is wired incorrectly, or "backward". Their explanations can be summed up with, "Because evolution". Or mayhaps, "Because Clinton Richard Dawkins said so, and doggone it, Dawkins is an evolutionary scientist and misotheist, so he must be right!" However, claims by uninformed people about the backward wiring of the eye must send ophthalmologists into cachinnation.

Human eye not evolved, optimal design to see colors
Credit: Freeimages / melissa ricquier
It has been explained that the human eye was designed by our Creator, and the layout is optimal for embryonic development and beyond. For more about this, see "Eye Design and Evolution" and "Like We Said, Human Eye Design Is Optimal". Now we can add new research that the retina has the optimal design for sharpness of images, and for determining colors.
Evolutionists such as Richard Dawkins have long claimed that our eyes are wired ‘backwardly’, allegedly something which no intelligent designer would do. That is, the light receptor cells are behind the nerves, which supposedly obstruct the light path.
In reality, in the last few years, researchers have shown that light doesn’t go through the nerves, but is instead funnelled through Müller glial cells.
To read the rest of this short but informative article, click on "Fine tuning of ‘backward’ eye is vital for colour vision". Also, ignorant evolutionists who want to denigrate God are not good sources of information. Just thought I'd point that out.