Things Refusing to Evolve

Advocates of microbes-to-microscopist evolution have a great deal to say about the hows and whys of the appearances of things living today, and of those that went before. However, it is difficult to examine their evidence, because it's mighty scarce. Sure, we get a passel of authoritative assertions of "it evolved that way", but assertions and tall tales are not scientific evidence. What follows are several links illustrating false claims of evolution happening. This will be good for students to examine and see how science and evolution can often be mutually exclusive.

Dinosaurs and other things used to promote evolution are actually hostile witnesses
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Non-Evolving Dinosaurs

Assertions of "being covered with feathers" without any sign of the things; why some dinosaurs moved fast, but details are expected in the future; a crocodile fossil that dates 170 million Darwin Years old is essentially identical to modern crocodiles; Austrosaurus "might reveal" evolution; and more. Read about the non-evolution of dinosaurs at "The Dinosaurs That Didn’t Evolve". 

Unhelpful Fossils

A fossil nicknamed Bad Boy is bad news for evolution, since it has modern features; an alleged stegomastodon is pretty much the same as modern elephants, except for curved tusks; a passel of fossilized jellyfish found in Death Valley (soft tissues get fossilized quickly, you know) are like modern counterparts; the useless explanation of "convergent evolution", and more. You can read about fossils as hostile witnesses for evolution at "The Fossils that Didn’t Evolve".

Birds Refusing to Evolve

Genetic studies comparing flightless emus to chickens; how songbirds learn their songs is speculation, and nowhere near evidence for evolution; question-begging by assuming evolution and how babysitting co-ops for birds evolved (note how, not if); assuming rapid appearance is evidence for evolution; and more. Read about bad reasoning about the critters at "The Birds that Didn’t Evolve".

Plants and an Evolutionary Just-So Story

Using massive evolutionary presuppositions and their Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Rings©, evolutionists have presented (with the help of their obedient, hysterical lapdog media) what the first flower looked like. My, ain't that purty! Looks a lot like a flower we can find today. All assumptions, but no model or evidence. You can read about this one (and another short piece) at "The Plants That Didn’t Evolve".

Additional Information about Plants Boycotting Darwinism

An alga that "shouldn't" be in North America is alive and well; fern extinction information does not provide origin information, and shows a fern is still a fern; attempting to determine "evolutionary relationship" from fossil leaves 200 million Darwin Years old, where DNA cannot survive that long; false advertising on how calcium-based signaling in plants evolved does not deliver; and more. You can read the conclusion of this series at "More Plants That Didn’t Evolve".

Darwin's drones are seeing what is not there. They also use unfounded, unsustainable presuppositions, make arbitrary assertions, and declare evolution without models or evidence. Many will ridicule presuppositional apologetics from Christians and ignore the fact that they are hardcore presuppositional apologists for materialism. The difference is that we show how their worldview is inconsistent and their logic is flawed. Some of us are not fooled by these indoctrination efforts. The truth is, there was no evolution. The real evidence supports recent creation. Yippie ky yay, evolutionists!