The Human Brain Testifies of Creation

As science and technology develop, our appreciation of the intricate, specified complexities of the Master Engineer's work become increasingly apparent. Naturally, Darwin's disciples want to give homage to their false god of evolution, but they're just not using their heads.

The human brain was designed by the Master Engineer, not by evolution
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The human brain has been compared to a computer. While that analogy works to some extent, it is vastly understated, as the brain is more like a quantum computer than a digital computer. If we were able to build a computer as complex as the brain, it would be huge and require a tremendous amount of power. We're doing fine with something much smaller that requires ten watts of power — that comes from inside. Even a single synapse has amazing abilities. Don't let Darwin's fan club try to fool you: our brains are far too complex, integrated, efficient, and more to be the product of evolution. The intelligent conclusion is that it was made to do what it does so well.
The human brain, and any animal brain for that matter, is an engineering marvel that evokes comments from researchers like “beyond anything they’d imagined, almost to the point of being beyond belief” and “a world we had never imagined.” Why do discoveries about the brain evoke such startling statements from secular scientists? The main reason is that random, purposeless evolution and its imaginary processes are entirely unable to account for the brain’s seemingly infinite complexity. This article will highlight some of what researchers have discovered about this amazing organ and hopefully inspire the same awe in you and direct the glory to our infinitely powerful Creator who engineered it all.
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