Fibers, Burrowing, and Other Biomimetics

Still kind of hard to cognate folks who believe that everything happened by time, chance, and random processes. There is no Master Engineer who designed everything and has explained himself in Scripture, no, can't have that, science is arbitrarily established as having naturalistic beliefs; no creationists need apply. For that matter, use of language in a paper even remotely implying the existence of our Creator gets said paper retracted

Science is impossible in an atheistic or evolutionary worldview. So, they study the design in nature for human applications. Does that make sense, to study something for the sake of imitating it if that something was the product of chance, and then praising Darwin, blessed be? Not hardly!

Bamboo and other things in creation are studied for biomimetics
Credit: Pixabay / StockSnap
Okay, I went away for a while, but I'm back now.

There's some exciting work being conducted in the field of biomimetics. A sea sponge makes a kind of fiber optic cable, and is being examined for flexible glass. Mussels and octopuses are being studied for underwater adhesives and other applications. Research is being done on bamboo for building materials. Machines that dig into soil may get help from lizards that dig their way into the sand. Inspiration for advances in night-vision comes from silk worms.

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