Engineered Blind Cavefish

Some time ago, I posted about how Darwin's disciples are getting things backward. The dogma of universal common ancestor evolution holds that organisms develop vertically, becoming increasingly complex. Evolutionists claim that the loss of traits is an example of evolution, such as the loss of eyes in the blind cavefish. That'll be the day!

Blind cavefish epigenetics biology illustrates skill of the Master Engineer

Research and a bit of thinking shows that there is quite a bit involved in the loss of eyes in the cavefish. An epigenetic process is involved, which illustrates the skill of the Master Engineer in making adaptation possible. Unfortunately, materialists remain willingly blind to the Creator who will one day hold everyone accountable.
How do fish with normal eyes in well-lit surface-water environments transform into blind cavefish, and should this loss of structures and functionality really be labeled evolution? The sophisticated mechanism involved in this transformation has dismayed biologists who hoped this would somehow showcase evolution. New results deflate such hopes, and point to a more accurate and creation-friendly model of radical blind cavefish changes.

As it turns out, the repression of eye development in cavefish is simply part of an overall strategy to conserve energy in dark and nutrient-deficient caves. In blind cavefish, eye development gets repressed and chemical, pressure, and touch sense organs get enhanced.
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