Materialists Use Theological Arguments

Once again, astronomers find a celestial object that should not exist, but it does anyway. This happens quite frequently, whether baffling planets and moons in our own solar system, or exoplanets such as the oversized NGTS-1b. Why are they so befuddled? Because they work from irrational materialistic presuppositions.

Secular astronomers are surprised to find a planet where it "should not" exist
Credit: Rgbstok / kimolos
This planet is almost the size of Jupiter, orbits a small star, and (according to cosmic evolutionary mythology), there is not enough material for the planet to have formed in the first place. (Then there's the alleged super-huge black hole that shouldn't exist.) It's not just in astronomy where secular scientists keep getting amazed, it happens in paleontology as well. Ironically, secularists use theological arguments based on their naturalistic opinions in other ways. The embrangled theology is first based on the assumption that God the Creator does not exist. F'rinstance, owlhoots who hold to a naturalistic paradigm commence to pontificating that if there was a God, he wouldn't have used a bad design for the human eye. Therefore, EvolutionDidIt because the design for the eye is so bad according to their uninformed beliefs.

Fact is, there is a Creator, we must pay attention to what he has explained to us in the Bible, and he's the one who created everything — and created it recently. To find out more about the big planet, bad assumptions, startling astronomy, and strange naturalistic theology, click on "Giant Planet Sends Planetologists Scrambling".