Plants, the Sun, and the Days of Creation

A straighforward reading of the account of creation in Genesis is pretty simple, what with actual days and all. Unfortunately, there are some folks who want to grease up the concept of millions (or billions) of years and force it into the text. The only way to get long ages out of the Bible is to put them in there first, old son. Even so, strange readings of the text, including trying to accommodate the Big Bang, create a passel of problems for both professing Christians and for deep time beliefs. There is just no room for long ages or evolution.

God created the heavens and the earth, then light, later on plants, and then the sun. This raises some questions.
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In this case, we see that the heavens and the earth created first (Gen. 1:1). Then we learn that God put light on the subject (Gen 1:2). Okay, that's nice. But soft, what light through yonder universe breaks? The sun was created on the fourth day of creation week. But we already had light! What was that?

Plants were created on the third day. If someone is going to do a day-age thing to the text, that would mean that plants existed for a mighty long time without the sun, in that other light we don't quite understand. Also, plants are not exactly simple things, they are very intricate and were "advanced" from the beginning. Whether a compromiser, a believer, or mocker, there are some reasonable questions that need to be addressed.
God created plants on Day Three of Creation Week, the day before he created the sun. But he had already created a light source on Day One that evidently fulfilled many roles the sun would eventually fulfill. This article explores the order of some of the events in Creation Week, the nature of the light that God created on Day One, the length of the “days” of Creation Week, and how God provided for the needs of plants throughout the week.
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