Silliness in Searching for Aliens

Things are getting silly with the hands at the Darwin Ranch, down Deception Pass way. They are so certain of their presuppositions about evolution, they assume that it happened both on Earth and way out yonder, thataway. (Worse, they assume that the origin of life began in space as well.) But they're used to believing in things without evidence, such as the Oort cloud (some think the fantastical death star "Nemesis" stirs up the mythical Oort cloud), and believing fish-to-fish farmer evolution itself. So, betting on the odds of their own fantasies that some intelligent life must be out there, some folks keep looking.

Credit: Pixabay / Stefan Keller
Some scientists want us to keep mum about our presence, as bad things could happen. Others are determined to go ahead and broadcast into space, even setting dates by which we would be contacted — but those speculators would be long gone so they don't have to own up to their errors. The following link has several interesting items about just how weird and desperate the creation-deniers are getting.
Believers in space aliens, or even space bacteria, have cast all restraint to the wind. SETI today is indistinguishable from a cult, and so is its stepchild, astrobiology.
NASA has been studying space for 60 years, reminds us. The search for life beyond earth has gone on even longer. In all this time, with close observations of every planet and remote observations of many stars, not one shred of evidence for life beyond earth has ever been found. And yet secular scientists and the mainstream media speak as if extraterrestrial life is a virtual certainty.
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