Evolutionary Racism Against — Neanderthals?

Once again, I want to emphasize a couple of things. First, informed biblical creationists do not believe in "races", as evinced in Acts 17:26 and the fact that the Bible does not use the word "races". Also, we do not say that evolution causes racism. Racism has existed for millennia, but Darwinism has been used to make it scientifically respectable. If you study on it, the ones making the "science" thought darker-skinned people were of inferior evolution and Caucasians were superior. And before someone from Fallacy Central puts words in my mouth: no, being an evolutionist does not mean you're a racist.

There are no races, but there are people groups. But since "people group-ism" is a mite awkward, I'll use the more widely understood and less syllabic word racist for the purpose of discussion.

Despite evolutionary mythology, scientists have reluctantly admitted that Neanderthals were indeed fully human. (See the links at "Losing Face to Neanderthals" for more information.) Nonetheless, some evolutionists (like this atheopath) are still showing their racist tendencies — the same attitudes against people groups are reflected against Neanderthals, whose genes many of us share. Yep, those folks were created, not evolved. Just like you and me. So spare us the historical racism, old son.
The evidence shows that Neanderthals were fully human, having shared genetic information with us. Why, then, do Darwin Supremacists continue to treat them as “other” than human?

One clear case (among many) where paleoanthropologists have been totally wrong has been in the classification of Neanderthals as a separate species, Homo neanderthalensis. As pointed out before, this amounts to a case of historical racism. For years, there have been growing signs that these ancient humans were just as intelligent as modern humans. The clincher in the last few years, though, is that we all have Neanderthal genes in us. Clearly, any individual capable of interbreeding and carrying on fertile offspring over generations counts as a member of the same species.

The following headlines show, however, that evolutionists are reluctant to give up the iconic images of “Neanderthal Man” that have decorated evolutionary books for generations, portraying our brethren as dark-skinned subhumans not as bright as Europeans.
To read the startling information, click on "Neanderthal Racism Continues". Also, since skin color has been used for racism, y'all might be interested in some genetic research. For this, click on "Skin Color Research Confirms Biblical Narrative". While I'm at it, I'll offer up to you this post, "The Biblical Response to Racism".