Remembering the Cro-Magnon Folks

Seems that with all the attention given to the accumulation of evidence that Neanderthals were fully human, those folks called Cro-Magnon seemed to have fallen out of favor as members of the human cave man parade. They used to be in the textbooks. There are a few of reasons we don't hear much about those skilled hunters and artists much anymore.

Cro-Magnons, like Neanderthals, were fully human ancient people groups
Photo of Lascaux cave painting credit: Wikimedia Commons / Prof saxx
Cro-Magnons were named after an area in France where some of there skeletons were discovered. Sure, they were "cave men" at times. Let me ask you something. Does living in a cave make you "primitive"? Nope. Like other people, Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon people groups were resourceful and used the shelter caves provided. (You may want to give it a try yourself.) Since their times on Earth overlapped, mayhaps Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals, and "modern" humans shared some living spaces? I'm just speculating, though.

The hands at the Darwin Ranch lost interest in the Cro-Magnon people when it was realized that they were fully human. So, instead of playing the hand they were dealt, Darwinists essentially dealt from the bottom of the deck by referring to Cro-Magnons as "Early Modern Humans". Gotta keep some semblance of the evolutionary narrative, don'tcha know. These humans of long ago were created like us, but had some physical characteristics that would not set them apart in a crowd. Also, if bigger heads means greater intelligence, they were smarter than us.
Cro-Magnons lived in rock shelters and hunted wooly mammoths, but that doesn’t mean they were becoming human—they were fully human like us. These people were skilled artists and left exquisite carvings and paintings. Archaeologists haven’t found any hint of crude scratches or splashes from some imagined pre-human. Cro-Magnons made jewelry from teeth, shells, and tusks. They painted and carved colorful pictures of their prey, sometimes with graphic mortal wounds, on apparently sacred cave walls. They used earth minerals, charcoal, and animal fat to craft their paints, which they carefully applied as liquids or powders.
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