Language Itself Testifies of the Creator

Language itself testifies of God the CreatorHere is another article that I read with reluctance and ended up fascinated. I'll allow that
linguistics can seem dreadfully dull for some people, but this is more of a big picture aspect. And we're not going to be examining things like the dangling pluperfect indefinite participle or whatever.

A very basic definition of language is that it is a means of communication, and languages are not merely verbal. There are written forms of verbal languages, braille raised dots for the blind, sign language for the hearing impaired, and more. There needs to be some degree of uniformity and consistency for a language to be useful. How many times has someone inserted some slang that you've had to ask for a definition or look it up if you had not experienced it before? Some slang words become established in a language because of agreement and acceptance, but many drop off (such as, fortunately, "gag me with a spoon"). The gesture I received while driving the other day could be considered an unofficial bit of sign language because those sending as well as receiving know what it means. 

Then we develop languages for our electronic devices, big and small. Computer languages and graphic user interfaces are complex, but they are reduced down to binary for the computers to use: ones and zeroes, yes or no, on or off. Signals are sent out and computers communicate with other computers, who build things back up again for humans. I'm typing in English, you're reading it in English, but there were many translation steps in between. A step can be added when someone uses electronic translation of a Web page or site into another language.

It takes a logical mind to understand and use a language, whether interpersonal communication or for various computers. We understand our vocabulary, put words together to communicate greater concepts than the individual words alone can communicate, and we can glean a meaning of an unfamiliar word from the context. In our communication, we also select from words with similar meanings if we wish to use a word with a more positive or negative connotation in our conversation. 

The most mirific language of all does not have anything to do with linguistics per se. It is the specified complexity of DNA, which is lining up atoms and molecules, as well as operating molecular repair stations withing our cells. Those, and far more. Proponents of lactobacilli-to-linguist evolution are unable to come up with a believable model for the origin of language, partly because it involves minds that must be able to use a language properly. The coded language of DNA makes matters far worse for evolutionists, old son.

Basement Cat looking intent
To make matters worse for evolutionists, words are not material in nature. The are non-material, like numbers. If I post a picture of Basement Cat, and then delete it (you only see the placeholder where the picture used to be), the cat remains unaffected. Similarly, take a dry erase marker and write "5" on a dry erase board. Then, erase it. A bit more, I can still see it — there you go. But "fiveness" still exists. Words, numbers, laws of logic, concepts are not material, but they are very real. Ultimately, they testify of God the Creator as described in the Bible! How did God create? He spoke.
Many arguments to demonstrate the reasonableness of God’s existence have been advanced over past millennia. On this issue, the biblical record maintains that clear evidence of God’s reality resides in the natural realm all around us. This evidence is so plain, the record claims, that no human being can fail to have awareness of God’s existence (Rom 1:20). This paper calls attention to a category of reality that provides especially powerful support for God’s existence. Our focus is upon the phenomenon of language. We begin from our own subjective experience of this phenomenon and then extend our considerations to the realm of the material world around us. Because language is so integral to our own mental processes and so intuitive in the way we relate to other human beings, most of us never pause to analyze just what is occurring when we think, write, speak, or process what we read or hear others say. Therefore, a crucial first step in this discussion is to establish clearly what the term language entails.
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