Can Scientists Bring Back Dead Things?

In an earlier post, we examined the idea that if scientists were able to obtain adequate DNA, they could make living dinosaurs. While that idea is sensational, it is unrealistic on several levels. Some scientists think that they can toy with the idea of bringing back other things that have joined the choir invisible.

Scientists are tinkering with the idea of using DNA to bring back extinct things from the dead.
Background image credit: Pixabay / Ioulou Nash
After all, we are humans, the pinniacle of evolution; with science, we can fiddle about and do anything we want to! Materialists have a passel of hubris, don't they? Aside from the thrill of the challenge and possibilities of scientific progress, there are still some ethical questions to be answered. One that this child will throw out there is: Where will it end? After all, we've seen that many secularists are ethically challenged and use science as their justification to work materialist magick.


Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself because such questions could be addressed more fully down the trail. Even so, I reckon they should be kept on the back burner and stirred now and then in the meantime. The most important thing is that life comes from life, and ultimately, from our Creator. There was only one true Resurrection, and how we respond to that is the most important consideration for each of us.
The idea that science can solve any problem flows from humanism. This teaches that humans are the pinnacle of evolution and can create better futures and develop technologies to rescue us from all harm. Humanists seem to want the benefit of everlasting life without having to turn to God.

But science can’t solve every problem. Technologies can help improve health, but they fizzle when it’s time for an animal or a person to die. Scientists may measure brain waves, and doctors can perform incredible medical procedures, but they are powerless to reverse death. Science can’t bring animals or people back from the dead.
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