Dizzying Evolutionary Spin on Soft Tissues

As many of us know, dinosaur soft tissues are extremely problematic for proponents of deep time and for particles-to-paleontologist evolution. But those are not the only soft tissues that are causing consternation for secularists. Reports of Dickinsonia having original molecules, including lipids and sterols, are being given serious spin. No real science, though.

Evolutionists and other old earth proponents are dealing with a far older (in Darwin years) specimen.
Dickinsonia costata on Wikimedia Commons, credited to Verisimilus (CC BY 2.5)
Let me give an illustration that I learned from Dr. Jason Lisle.
A man insisted that he was dead. His friends and family kept trying to reason with him that he could not be walking around, talking, eating, and so forth. He said, "It could be involuntary reactions. I'm dead".

The family took him to a medical doctor, who also tried to reason with him but to no avail. Then the doctor got an inspiration. He asked the man, "Do dead men bleed?"

After the man thought about it for a spell. Everything stops internally, so he agreed that someone who is dead cannot bleed. Then the doctor took something sterile and pointy, and gave a cut on the man's finger.

With amazement in his eyes and voice, the man looked at his finger and said, "Well, whaddya know. Dead men do bleed!"
There are several points in that story that I'll let you work out yourselves, but something similar is happening now: original biological molecules cannot last for 65 million Darwin years, nor can those from Dickinsonia last 558 million of those years. Evolutionists deny science and say otherwise. Instead of dealing with the facts, they let evolutionary presuppositions win the day. With a few spins on the Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Ring™, evolutionists are saying, "Whaddya know! The earth was not created recently despite the evidence, and Dickinsonia fat tissues, our ancestors, really can last 558 million years!" Oh, boy.
Original biomolecules 558 million years old? Surely this would break the bank (read about “reckless drafts on the bank of time,” 2 July 2007) and force Darwinians to give up on their beloved millions of years. There is absolutely no way any fossil would contain any original biological material that long, one would think, especially if the organism had been buried in marine sediments permeated with water. Most evolutionists themselves believed that until recently. Biological material decays over time, even when entombed in dry rock. Add to that the geological changes that should have occurred in 558 million years—continents rising and sinking, tectonic plates subducting, rocks alternately freezing and thawing, and subsequent life churning up the strata. The destructive processes on this dynamic planet should have accelerated the degradation of biological material in less than one million years, let alone 558 million! If dinosaur soft tissue rocked the Darwin boat, Ediacaran soft tissue should sink it. Right?
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