I Sing the Body Excellent

A persistent purveyor of evoporn named Nathan Lents wrote a book to continue the oft-refuted untruth that the human body is poorly designed. An article derived from his book was syndicated in several newspapers, and Darwin's Flying Monkeys© gibbered with glee. It also caused some irritation to creationists, since we have to explain why this otherwise well-informed individual is saying things that are not true. They also defy common sense; for being "poorly designed", our bodies do quite well. Notice that they ignore material that they cannot explain away, such as "Humans: Better Designed and Capable than Darwinism Can Explain". People are willing to confiscate excuses to deny God, so they pay people like Lents to provide them. I lack belief that he is being truthful.

Once again, creationists need to refute bad evolutionary "science" and speculations about the design of the human body.
Credit: Unsplash / Kristopher Roller
Whenever you come across an argument from dysteleology (if there's a Creator, he fouled up), it smacks of personal preference, ignorant statements, and silly speculations. For example, C. Richard Dawkins insists that the human eye was wired wrong, but someone with actual knowledge of the biology involved shows that the Master Engineer knew exactly what he was doing. It seems to me that there is no small amount of arrogance in these "bad design" falsehoods. Let's see you build a better human all by your lonesome, old son.

Now we have two articles taking on the Lents disinformation. The first one is by Dr. Jerry Bergman, a prolific author with many degrees is medical and biology-related fields. In fact, he is working on a book that repudiates the flawed design claims. To see it, click on "Is the Human Body Poorly Designed?" Second, we have "Is the human body badly designed? Refuting Human Errors: A Panorama of our Glitches by Nathan Lents". These two articles should reassure people that the human body is amazingly designed, despite the rantings of folks making money from promoting both hatred of God and ignorance of reality.