Genetic Tinkering to Break Biological Shackles

Scientists are pushing the limits of ethics and morality, with the help of CRISPR to do genetic engineering. We have seen that some scientists are working on making horrible hybrids from animals, and even with human embryos. They talk about ethics, but their worldview is based on materialism and evolution, so we cannot expect high standards. News from communist China is fascinating from a scientific perspective, but is also alarming because of the potential for dehumanization.

Scientists in China are going further than other with genetic modification.
A mouse with a peanut by Albert Anker
The news is that scientists messed with mice, and had a brood from female "same sex parents". Now, some critters commence to doing parthenogenesis (reproduction without a male), but they were designed by the Master Engineer for that activity. Also, the communists are not quite constrained by the remnants of Christian values like we have in the West. What happens next? Since the secular science industry is interested in anti-biblical political causes nowadays and contributes to gender confusion, this "progress" can become dangerous.

I'd take it mighty kindly if you'd listen to the podcast or read the transcript of The Briefing by Dr. Albert Mohler for October 16, 2018. He deals not only with this issue, but also the morality of making something un-extinct, if it's possible.