Chimp Genome Research Supports Creationists

Evolutionists did bad science with the chimpanzee genome so they could propagate the "humans are 98.5 percent  similar to chimps" falsehood. To do this, they used their limited knowledge of genetics (a field which is still growing rapidly) and did some dirty science by selecting data that would confirm their biases, stitched the chimpanzee genome together, and even had samples contaminated by human DNA. Then Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ grabbed the sanitized false report and whooped all over that Darwin was right. But they're wrong.

The similarity between human and chimpanzee genomes is said to be 98 percent similar. Creationists had to do the work and show them that this is false. Later, secular scientists confirmed what creationists already said.
Credit: RGBStock / Savvas Stavrinos
Creationists have been saying all along that even if that genome similarity number was true, there are still massive dissimilarities between apes and humans, genetics notwithstanding. The small number of genetic difference between humans is apparent in the variations between people if you take a stroll down a city sidewalk. Creationists have pointed out that the science promoting genomic similarities is lacking, and Dr. Tompkins did his own research to show that the original findings were inaccurate at best, and the similarity is actually much smaller. 

Secular scientists are well heeled, having our tax dollars at their disposal so they can promote evolution and materialism. Perhaps the reason new genetic research was conducted in the first place is because creationists did the heavy lifting for them. Resources for creationists are far more limited, but that does not stop them from using what is available, using their God-given minds, and presenting the facts. The truth is on our side. Yippie ky yay, evolutonists! 
The more DNA sequencing technologies improve, the worse it gets for the evolutionary paradigm. Such is the case with the newest version of the chimpanzee genome.

Since evolutionists speculate that humans and chimps shared a common ancestor about three to six million years ago, their theory requires a human-chimp DNA similarity of 98 to 99%. The first time they constructed a chimp genome and compared it to humans, they claimed 98.5% DNA similarity based on cherry-picked regions that were highly similar to human. However, an extensive DNA comparison study I published in 2016 revealed two major flaws in their construction of the chimp genome.
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