Tales from the Darwin Zone

Darwinists tell ridiculous stories that can and should be discarded by basic science and logic.
Everywhere we go, fish-to-philatelist evolution is assumed to be a proven fact. It is in advertising, children's entertainment, documentaries, fiction, general conversation, theology, and numerous other places. Especially in secular indoctrination centers (schools). Purveyors of evolution use it as a starting point for research, and even slap evolution like a bumper sticker on explanations to make them more sciency so they seem credible. The totalitarian two-bit tinhorns controlling secular science go to great lengths to exclude any concept of the Master Engineer.

If evolution were a fact, such behavior might be more acceptable. But such things are a vexation to thinking people, plain and simple. Part of the problem is that people have an adoration for science and scientists, as if they were the unbiased priests of truth. Scientists are biased and have clouded thinking just like everyone else, and that's a natural fact. 

Another problem is that people are not taught critical thinking, so they accept things spoken with authority as if they were established facts. Even a small amount of questioning, even to yourself, can make you less susceptible to being hoodwinked. Even better if you get yourself educated about the flaws in evolution and deep time, and learn about the work of our Creator. Sites like this one, and those that are linked in posts and article, are here to help in that regard.

Someone presented a question about body hair to local newspaper, and a contributor began with the presupposition of evolution. Then he commenced his "science" storytelling. It's mighty easy to prove evolution by assuming evolution (begging the question), but his answers should have been laughed away.
Everywhere you go, you get Darwin Just-So Stories. You can’t travel or read the newspaper without them.

The BBBB (Big Brother Bearded Buddha) is the totalitarian dictator of science. His doctrine is never questioned. Whatever you observe in nature, “it evolved” according to the Stuff Happens Law (i.e., natural selection). No alternative explanations are ever given a hearing, because they have all been expelled. When society’s doctors, teachers, park rangers and tour guides have all been steeped in the teachings of Charlie & Charlie (i.e., Lyell & Darwin) since their youth, that’s all they know. They have also been trained to mock ‘creationists’ and Darwin doubters vehemently in knee-jerk fashion. . .

Few are the reporters who can look at a Darwin just-so story logically, and show that it is just silly.

Here’s a recent example from a local Sunday paper (30 Sept 2018). A reader asks a question, and a local Darwin priest (in this case, Keith Roach, M.D., a contributing editor to the paper) is ready with his storybook. There is always one answer: Whatever exists, it evolved. Even in the case of private parts, no intelligent design can be claimed.
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