Darwin Distorted Engineered Adaptability

Engineered adaptability continues to prove Darwin wrong.

The engineered adaptability series and the development of the continuous environmental tracking (CET) model from the Institute for Creation Research is getting stronger, and I have been looking forward to new installments in their series. Indeed, we have seen several examples from other creationist organizations that also fit the model. Now we are going to see some of the background of Charles anti-design approach.

Unlike many of Darwin's disciples, Chuck made an effort to understand the opposition. He was extremely familiar with the work Natural Theology by creationist William Paley, who used design as a teleological argument for the existence of God. Darwin commenced to distorting design arguments. He taught that organisms changed because of outside "pressures", and used a kind of mysticism to his version of evolution.

The opposite is true. Engineered adaptability shows that organisms have built-in abilities to detect and respond to environmental changes according to the plan of the Master Engineer, and the evidence supports this view far better than what Darwin proposed. Attempts to deny the work of the Creator are refuted time and again.
Sometimes all a medical doctor can do is treat one symptom after another rather than addressing what’s actually making the patient sick. People who believe that organisms look designed because they are designed frequently face the same frustrating cycle when they talk to those who embrace evolution. Just like doctors treating only the symptoms, they counter the latest evolutionary claims with science-based answers only to have each discredited “evidence” for evolution followed by another “but what about…?” challenge. It can be like an endless game of whack-a-mole.
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