The Simple Explanation for Plant Evolution

When hearing a Darwinist evosplain the process of how something got here, you are going to hear a wagon train-load of arbitrary assertions. Instead of beginning at the beginning and investigating if something evolved according to their definitions of the word, they skip that step and begin with how it evolved. That is, they presuppose Darwinism.

Evolutionists have a great method for telling us how plants and other things evolved. It has nothing to do with science, however.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Pirex
Imagine this scenario where a creationist is having a discussion with Rusty Swingset, the foreman at the Darwin Ranch:

Rusty Swingset: Now we'll look at how this plant evolved.
Inquirer: How do you know it evolved?
Rusty: That's how things work.
Inquirer: You have quite a few assertions and tell an interesting story, but do you have a mechanism?
Rusty: It evolved the way all things do.
Inquirer: Is there any empirical evidence to go with the story?
Rusty: It evolved, ya idjit! Now shut up and swallow your propaganda!

They get on the prod when people do more than just accept their materialistic exacerbation. Although evolutionists claim to be empirical and logical, the narrative drives their interpretations of evidence. Notice that secularists claim to use logic, but when we examine their reports, there is precious little of it in use. Ever notice that logic is no longer taught in secular educational indoctrination establishments? It's easier for atheists and evolutionists to promote their views when they are not going to be challenged by rational thought. Otherwise, the purveyance of Darwinist propaganda would be shut down as unscientific and illogical.

Lacking evidence, evolutionists use the tried 'n' true scientific method of Making Things Up™, which is not logical, nor is it scientific. Then their acolytes claim that there is no Creator...
Darwinism has replaced the need for demonstration in science with the convenience of assertion.
When you read papers and articles that offer to explain how something evolved, what you often find are statements that they just evolved. Let’s see some examples.
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