Modern Bird Fossils Fluster Darwinists

Although evolutionists try to deny it, modern-type bird fossils are found in the Cretaceous layer

Fossils that are not found in the established order put burrs under the saddles of evolutionary paleontologists. Darwin set the stage for modern evolutionism, where organisms go from simple to complex in gradual progressions. The fossil record does not show this.

Modern-type birds are not supposed to be found in the Cretaceous, and when biblical creationists point out that such fossils are indeed found there, Darwinoids scoff. They say we're misrepresenting the facts, uninformed, or even liars. (Yeah, that makes sense! Lying to convince people about the holy God the Creator and his written Word, the God who hates lies, and we do that — absurd on the face of it.) How about honestly examining the biblical creationist material?


However, creationists are accurately using the material of evolutionists against them, and showing that their interpretations of the evidence are wrong. Although your typical village Darwin bot may appeal to outdated, biased material in Wikipedia or an atheistic propaganda clearinghouse, he or she will not change reality. Fact is, Earth is young, and evolution in the Darwinian sense never happened, old son. The fossils do not support materialistic worldviews.
Since at least 2009, when Dr. Carl Werner published Living Fossils the second volume of his Evolution: The Grand Experiment series, creation researchers have used the argument that modern-type birds have been found in the same Cretaceous layers with dinosaurs. Dr. Werner cited several examples from paleontological literature in his book, and there have been additional papers written more recently which also made similar claims (a few of which will be examined). But a recent tactic has been to denounce creationist claims along these lines, or to claim that these examples are erroneous or misrepresented. This article will examine some secular paleontological literature and put forth a case to rebut the claim that there are no examples of modern-type birds found in Cretaceous rock layers.
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