Methane and Faulty Climate Change Science

There are some notable similarities in proponents of molecules-to-merchandiser evolution and anthropogenic climate change, so that is the main reason an article on climate change appears here. One of these connections is the way adherents of each take a cultlike approach to promoting their views through emotional appeal and by denouncing those who offer cogent rebuttals and contrary scientific evidence. 

Another similarity is that both evolution and global climate change claim "consensus" as if bandwagon support was actual science. Third, both areas underplay or even ignore important details that should be considered. Global climate change advocates overlook the existence of natural sources of methane — which is "worse" than carbon dioxide.

Climate change alarmists overlook many natural sources of methane, which is "worse" than carbon dioxide.
Credit: Freeimages / Michael Ring
Many of us have heard about government funding to study bovine burps and flatulence because of methane emissions. Some folks even want to vaccinate livestock against the organisms that emit methane, but I can't help but wonder if that would be harmful to the animals by playing God with their internal systems.

There are many natural sources of methane, and quite a few have been overlooked by the climate change alarmists when presenting their doomsday scenarios. They have been around for a mighty long time, too. Termites also emit methane, and there's a heap of them. Well, mounds of them. Some mounds are so large, they can be seen from space! Volcanoes also emit methane. Surprisingly, a glacier in Iceland emits an enormous amount of methane.

Then there's the damage-control article that claims that you can trust consensus science, even when they publish material that is wrong.

Notice that this alarmist stuff is assuming naturalism and assuming that there is no God who created the world, or that he is not in control.
Methane is 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. Look where it comes from.

The media are all reacting to the latest report from a federal commission on climate change, which says that global warming is a bigger threat than thought. Leftists are demanding prompt action (Science Daily) to avoid catastrophe (Nature). . . . CEH is not taking a position on this, but we do like to point out when peer-reviewed journal papers and consensus-believing secular science media cast doubt on whether global warming is humanity’s fault, if for no other reason than to show that a consensus can preach dogmatically from shaky ground – just like they do with Darwinism. Consider:
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