Plankton Puzzles for Evolutionists

Plankton are tiny aquatic things that float along in the oceans, and are the chuck wagon for other creatures to chow down on. Sometimes the microscopic plants called phytoplankton pile up in one area, causing what is called a "bloom", which is a concern because they may take up too much oxygen that other creatures need. (Zooplankton are tiny animals.) There are some things about plankton that defy evolution and affirm creation.

Plankton are far more complex than previously realized, and they have some surprises that affirm creation and defy evolution.
NASA photo by Jesse Allen of bloom in Hood Canal, Washington
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There is no such thing as a "simple cell" anymore. The more cells are investigated, they are discovered to be amazingly complex. Plankton produce a sulfur compound that adds to the global sulfur cycle. Certain plankta do that complicated food thing called photosynthesis, which is remarkable in itself. Then there are sensors on the cell surfaces so they can move into areas with different salt levels. Here, I'll let you read about these things in this short article: "Not-So-Simple Plankton". The short video below has some interesting information, and they threw in the obligatory unscientific "millions of years" and evolutionary assertion, but that is minimal.