Climate Change and Evolution: Similarities in Bad Science

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Because the secular science industry is becoming increasingly involved in political and religious matters, Christians and biblical creationists need to address issues that affect all of us. Unfortunately, people involved in secular science are accelerating their opposition toward biblical truth, and are also showing a distinct political bias toward the left. Indeed, sometimes their commitment to their worldview seems downright nutty while they hijack science for their own agendas.

There are striking similarities between global warming hysteria and evolution. Both use fake science, appeals to ridicule, circular reasoning, and more

A spell back, someone shared a link with me that had Mark Levin interviewing Dr. Patrick Michaels, an expert on environmental science who works at the Green Hornet Institute —

"You mean the Director of the Center for Study of Science at the Cato Institute, Cowboy Bob!"

Right, that's the place. During the interview, I was surprised at the number of things that climate science has in common with evolutionary and deep time science speculations:
True believers on both evolution and climate change are often fanatical about their beliefs, rejecting contrary information that interferes with the narrative. For example, misrepresentation is a favorite tactic as well as personal attacks (such as calling me a "bigot" because I reject the biased hysteria from leftists).

Ignoring, twisting, and suppressing relevant scientific data but presenting their views anyway is not science, it is indoctrination, old son.

I'd be much obliged if you would watch the video or read the transcript and see the similarities in alarmist climate change and evolutionism for yourself. Note that the video is only the first part of the interview, and the rest discusses how secular science has become politicized, using global climate change as a fulcrum. To read and watch, click on "Dr. Patrick Michaels on the truth about global warming". Sorry, the video starts immediately.