Our Magnetic Field is Fading

As discussed previously, one of the strongest evidences for a young earth is our magnetic field. Scientists know that we have a magnetic field, that it is a planet-sized deflector shield to protect life here, it is decaying at a known rate, and if you extrapolate backward past 20,000 years, life would not be possible because the magnetic field would have been too powerful; it was created recently. You savvy that? The opposite problem is happening, however. And it's worse than previously thought.

The earth's magnetic field protects not just satellites, but life itself. It is decaying. Not only does it indicate recent creation, but the Creator's plan at the end.
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What you may not hear about is that our defensive shield is failing. Not just reversing itself as indicated in stalactites, but actually failing. As in, "I canna get the shields up, Cap'n. I need more powerrrrr!" Since we need the magnetic field, not just for the operational convenience of satellites and such, but for life itself, this qualifies as a problem if the research is correct. But then, since our genome is collapsing and humans are going extinct (another powerful evidence for recent creation), then who cares? 

Atheists shouldn't care because they believe everything is an accident anyway. Those of us who know that there is a Creator and he is in control have reasons for our faith and hope. There will be an end, but that is according to God's timetable and the final Judgement. (As DeGarmo and Key sang, "...remember that kid from the manger scene? When he comes back he's gonna reign as King!") Meanwhile, we can see the research reports and see how scientists speculate on how to get the magnetic field where they want it to be.
The biosphere depends on earth’s magnetic field, but it has been decaying rapidly for at least 1500 years.

In Spacecraft Earth: A Guide for Passengers, Dr Henry Richter describes how the story of the decay of the earth’s magnetic field caught his attention. He had read the monograph by Dr Thomas Barnes in the 1970s, and realized the implications: if the decay is true, the earth could not be billions of years old. He considered the various proposals for maintaining the field, but none of them work, he concluded. If this is a well-known fact, what do secular geophysicists have to say about it?
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