The Perplexing Black Mountain of Queensland

If you head on over to Queensland in the northern part of Australia, there is a spooky bit of real estate known as Black Mountain, or Kalkajaka. Aboriginal people give several areas there religious significance. Indeed, their name translates to "place of the spear", but some folks call it the Mountain of Death because of all the legends, disappearances of people and animals, sightings of supernatural things, and so on. However, the mountain and surrounding areas are intensely interesting to geologists.

We can take a look at a biblical creation science view of Black Mountain's formation through Flood geology.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Ben Cordia (CC by-SA 4.0)
It looks like something big was doing some digging, but it's got a passel of granite and boulders. Sometimes you can hear it cracking in the hot sun after a cold night — which might inspire some imaginations. Uniformitarian geologists have their ideas that don't quite stand up to observational evidence. Let's take a look at a biblical creation science view of its formation through Flood geology.
As you first approach Black Mountain, 25 km south-west of Cooktown in North Queensland, it looks like it has been burned in a bushfire. However, the dark colour comes from the immense jumbled pile of black, blocky boulders, some as big as houses, that cover the whole mountain (figure 1). The intact solid granite core is said to lie beneath the jumbled broken blocks. The boulder fields of Black Mountain National Park form an impressive and distinctive landscape of international geological significance.
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