The Sky is the Limit for Cosmic Tall Tales

It is probably human nature to wonder how something happened, such as when someone gets new employment or when a vehicle is seen in a ditch. Following close on the heels of why is the question of how something happened. Secular scientists disrelish admitting that they really do not have the answers to many things, so they use the scientific principle of Making Things Up™. This is frequently evident in the tall tales of cosmologists and cosmogonists.

Secularists prefer stories instead of modifying their ideas in light of evidence. In fact, some are lying outright about cosmology and cosmogony.
Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, Acknowledgement: Sarajedini et al
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There are a couple of things that we have seen here many times before. First, scientists are like the rest of us and interpret data based on their presuppositions. Second, the narrative (which includes models) drives the interpretation. If facts interfere with the story, the facts are put out to pasture. Two articles are linked below that illustrate how secularists would rather tell cosmic evolution stories than admit that they Creator did the creation work more recently than they wish to admit.
For example, a newly discovered galaxy far, far away was not as large in size as expected. Many other galaxies found at this stage of their story were much more massive, but the high dust content of this new galaxy meant that somehow it must have evolved from the primordial gas much earlier than expected. It should have been an ‘infant’ galaxy due to its size but was found to be a ‘mature’ galaxy due to its dust content even though it is small in size.

This new one is now simply rebadged as being ‘typical’. In short, it doesn’t matter what is discovered, now or into the future. The story will always be re-written or amended or embellished. In cosmology this is what is called ‘science’. As indicated, I call it good storytelling.
To read this first article in its entirety, click on "Cosmic storytelling — The never ending big bang story". The next article below is also quite startling.

Dark matter is a rescuing device utilized to prop up the Big Bang. Neither idea has any evidence to support it. Although dark matter has never been observed or responded to tests, it has been inferred and asserted — often by ignoring other possible explanations for what has been seen in stars and galaxies. The tall tales of "science" are spread around as if they were the products of genuine research, but some of these sidewinders are downright dishonest. In one instance, you'd think they'd been chawin' on the peyote buttons again.
So dogmatic are astronomers about their beloved dark matter, they will lie to the press, confidently asserting it has been discovered. To see the lies, the alert reader has to keep focus on the question, ‘what is dark matter?’ Just as a believer in ghosts cannot allege that rustling leaves in the trees is an effect of a passing ghost, cosmologists cannot assume that motions among galaxies or stars is an effect of dark matter, which they cannot describe. What is it? What is it made of? Without those answers, the term ‘dark matter’ is a placeholder for ignorance.
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