No Dinosaur Feather Evolution

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We know that everyone has a worldview that contains assumptions and presuppositions. Scientists, along with us reg'lar folk, interpret what we observe through our worldviews, you savvy? Good. Even though there is no actual evidence that dinosaurs evolved in the first place, many of Darwin's disciples believe that dinosaurs evolved into birds. There is no evidence for such that flighty idea, either. What about feathers themselves?

Dinosaur feather beliefs require ignoring other explanations for fossil impressions. Feathers  are complex structures designed for specific purposes.
Unsplash / Alvaro Reyes
There are a few dinosaur fossils that are said to have "protofeathers", but those are disputed. In addition, advocates of these claims must ignore other possible explanations for those impressions in the fossils. Even if a dinosaur did indeed have feathers, so what? It is not evidence that they evolved into birds. The feather itself is a complicated structure that the Master Engineer designed for several purposes, and not to adorn extinct reptiles and such.
Many secular scientists consider so-called “feathered dinosaurs” to be evidence of dinosaurs evolving into birds. Clearly defined anatomy-based categories exist for both “bird” and “dinosaur,” but evolution requires a bird-to-dinosaur transition. In living creatures, only birds—not mammals or reptiles—have feathers. Furthermore, with a few controversial exceptions, all extinct feathered animals are acknowledged as birds. Even bird-feather proteins called keratins are unique.
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